Dreaded Drainage Problems That Simply Must Be Dealt With

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It’s easy for drainage problems to go completely unnoticed, especially in their early days. Most of them develop very slowly over time, and their development is helped by the fact that drains stay underground. However, once one or more of those problems begin to surface, the situation can become overwhelming in a short span of time.

In this post, we’d like to take you through three of the most common yet dreaded drainage problems faced by property owners in Bundaberg – problems that need professional plumbing services to be dealt with. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Displaced Pipe Joints

Ground movement is a natural phenomenon but it is often exacerbated by an increase in traffic levels or a sudden rise in construction activities in the vicinity. Over time, this movement can potentially displace the pipe joints and create openings for wastewater to leak out of. This problem may not be evident initially as the effects of the leaking wastewater will take time to come to the fore. But when it does become apparent, it can potentially cause structural damage to not just your plumbing, but your property as well.

Identifying and dealing with displaced or open pipe joints is best left to the professionals, who employ a process known as drain relining to solve the issue. If the displacement is minor, patch lining is used to repair the damage.

2. Root Rage

The roots of plants and trees grow downwards as they look for more nutrients in the soil along with oxygen and water, and your sewer system is a rich source of nutrients needed by them. All it takes for a root to penetrate the drain pipes is a small opening, and if the penetration occurs, it may lead to further openings and holes in the pipes. And as a result, wastewater will rapidly leak out, once again posing the risk of structural damage. Even if the penetration doesn’t result in significant wastewater leakage, a growing root system within the drain pipes can cause blocked drains.

Dealing with this root rage is no easy feat. DIY methods include using copper sulphate to get the roots out of the way. However, instead of risking further damage to your drainage, you should get in touch with the professionals who use techniques like drain jetting and high-pressure flushing to remove roots.

3. Debris Build-up

From coffee grinds to hair and more – all sorts of debris may accumulate inside your drain pipes over the years. The thicker the debris is, the greater the chances are of it causing a blockage within the drainage system. As a blockage becomes more significant, it slowly reduces the efficiency of the drainage system until it completely collapses, resulting in pipes breaking apart and all the accumulated debris and wastewater flowing out.

It’s not recommended to go down the DIY route when it comes to unblocking your drain pipes. If you notice your drainage becoming more inefficient with each passing day, contact a professional. A licensed plumber Bundaberg conducts CCTV drain surveys to identify the type of debris that’s causing the blockage. Once the cause is identified, the professional work out a meticulous plan for getting things back in order.

It’s best to schedule CCTV drain surveys a few times every year to ensure the health of the drainage systems in your property. After all, the quicker a pro manages to identify the problem, the faster it gets resolved.