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Platinum Plumbing Bundaberg: Blocked Drains

One of the most common plumbing problems people encounter every day in Bundaberg and even around Australia is blocked drains. It strikes when you least expect them. Untreated soon, blockages can cause water to leak out of your drains, potentially damaging your property’s facilities. Severe blockages may also result in the rupture of pipes, which may require even more costly repairs.

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If you have a drain, then at some point in your life, you’ll notice your drains will start blocking. It’s not uncommon for a drain to block since the purpose of a drain is to drain waste, but of course, a drain won’t be a drain if it gets blocked, right? So here are some signs you might notice due to a blocked drain:

01. Toilet not flushing/backing up when a drain is blocked, there’s a high chance that your toilet won’t flush or the water level on the toilet bowl will increase
02. Your sink won’t drain this is probably the most obvious sign in a blocked drain
03. The area of your drain becomes smelly when water retention is high in a drain due to it being blocked, bacteria will colonize in the humid area and produce an unpleasant smell
04. Lowly sinking bathtub another obvious sign is when the water inside your bathtub sinks very slowly. This is caused either by a blocked drain or a decreasing water pressure
05. Drains that gurgle
06. Signs of damp

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