Types of Hot Water Systems

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Having hot water on your property is something most people take for granted and we don’t give a second thought to that hot water which flows from our showers and taps. Systems of the leading brands are built to last, and they function well for the mentioned timeframe as long as they are maintained well.

But if you are getting a hot water system installed in Bundaberg, you need to be aware of the ones that are available and what their pros and cons are so you can make the right decision. Investing in the right system will ensure you get the functionality you need and that the system is not overworked or underused, which will help maintain its condition and lifespan.

Aspects to Consider While Choosing a Hot Water System

We at Platinum Plumbing Bundaberg are a leading company in this space and always encourage clients to get complete details about systems they want to install on their property. There are three main types of hot water units you can choose from:

  • Solar hot water systems
  • Heat pump hot water systems
  • Gas instantaneous

The one you select would be based on factors like your personal preference and budget, the available space you have, energy-efficiency, family’s hot water needs and your energy plan. Since there are many different types of water heaters, it may become a little challenging for you to determine which one would work well for your requirements. The best way to ensure you are making a smart decision is to speak with a skilled and licensed professional.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Here is some information about the different types of hot water systems in Bundaberg and what their pros and cons are.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

With gas and energy prices always on the rise, it’s proving to be beneficial to look for alternative heating options such as solar water heaters in Bundaberg. Recent advances in evacuated tube and panel collector technology have led to an increase in the effectiveness of these systems even during low-light and overcast days.

Many solar water heaters are fitted with gas (natural/LPG) or electric booster heater, to make sure your property has hot water on the very cloudy days or when the demand for hot water is higher. There are numerous benefits to opting for a solar water heater such as:

  • Significantly lower power bills.
  • Environmentally-friendly option as it produces less greenhouse gas compared to other systems.
  • Eligible for rebates and you can get Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s for them.
  • Solar uses a free, abundant & renewable energy source.
  • Reduces the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Can up the saleability or value of your home.
  • Choice of gas/electric boosters.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Slightly higher upfront costs, but offers long-term value.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water system in Bundaberg operates by extracting a lot of the warmth in the outdoor air to its heat exchange system, which helps to heat the water. It uses some electricity for pumping the refrigerant around the system and not for heating the water. There are numerous benefits to opting for a heat pump water heater, such as:

  • Excellent energy efficiency- it offers three times the power efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater system
  • No roof/panels needed
  • No sunlight to function
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint- it reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Works very well in the warmer temperatures
  • Most heat pump water heaters use the same plumbing installations as electric hot water which makes them perfect for retrofitting them on your property

Benefits of Gas Instantaneous Systems

These are also called continuous flow hot water systems. They heat water on demand which means that there is no wastage of water being heated continuously and being stored in a tank round the clock. As long as you have a regular electricity/gas supply to power the system’s heating element, you can get hot water whenever you need it. There are numerous benefits to opting for an instantaneous gas system in Bundaberg, such as:

  • No storage tank so no water is heated all the time and this helps to reduce your utility bills.
  • Environment-friendly and it helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Lower upfront and running costs.
  • You can install these in an indoor or covered, outdoor space.
  • Compact unit that can fit in very tight spaces as well.

As you can see, there are many different types of systems with specific characteristics, and we at Platinum Plumbing Bundaberg are here to help with all the details you need for hot water installation.

We have worked with water heaters in Bundaberg of different brands and can offer the best advice and installation services. For more information, feel free to contact us at 0431 710 745 or contact us through this Online Form, and we will contact you shortly.