How to Fix A Leaking Tap?

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Don’t you hate it when a tap in your house keeps leaking? The constant dripping noise and the realization that something is faulty in your home, are highly frustrating. Not only this, did you know that a typical leaking tap can result in the loss of more than ten thousand liters of water in a year? If the noise and extra effort that goes into closing the tap every time doesn’t bother you, then the loss of water should. Fixing a leak is super easy. Do you wonder how to fix a leaking tap? are you interested in knowing the steps involved in the process? In that case, we have got you covered.

The preparation needed to fix the tap

Before you can begin fixing your tap, you need to dismantle it. Now dismantling a tap entails exposing the pipe that brings water into the tap. Hence, stop the water flowing into the pipe before you start dismantling the tap. Usually, closing the main valve or a secondary valve that regulates the flow of water around the house or into the specific area of your house will do the trick. You can find the water mains outside the house in your front yard or in the bathroom itself if you live in an apartment. You will need to turn on the tap to release any residual water in the system before you begin working on the leak.

Another thing to note is covering any points of drainage that are around the tap you are fixing. You might be repairing the tap in the kitchen sink or the one in your shower. You should cover the drainage to prevent any small parts from falling into the drainage if you accidentally drop them as you work.

You also need certain parts that will enable you to fix the leaking tap:
• Single ½” washer
• Jumper valve
• Spanner/Wrench
• Screwdriver
• Tap lubricant
• Piece of cloth

What are the steps to repair the tap?

Now that you are well prepared, let us see how can you fix the leak in 5 steps:

  1. Use the spanner to remove the cover on the top of the tap. This will reveal a screw. You can find this under the hot /cold sign on the tap.
  2. Use the screwdriver to undo the screw and then remove the handle of the tap.
  3. Remove the headgear to reveal the jumper valve. Remove the washer and the O-ring carefully to free the jumper valve. Check if the washer and the O-ring are old or cut due to wear and tear.
  4. Next replace the jumper valve, the washer and O-ring with new parts. Use the lubricant on the spindle for smooth tap operation.
  5. Refit the headgear and spindle after putting the new jumper valve in place. Just be careful that you do not over-tighten the screws and nuts. This should complete the repair job.

By following these five simple steps you can turn any old tap as good as new. There is one thing that you need to ensure. The headgear, the jumper valve, and spindle should be tightly sealed to avoid leakage of water. You can use a plumber’s putty or a thread to provide extra firmness to all the elements. No matter what kind of tap you have in your house, the innards remain the same. It is only the design of the headgear that changes. Hence these steps will help you repair all sorts of taps.

Sometimes, you need re-seating of the tap to repair it. In case, even after following the steps mentioned above the leak is not repaired, you will need the help of a plumber. A professional plumber Bundaberg from Platinum Plumbing Bundy is the answer for all kinds of problems you might experience with your plumbing in general or taps in particular. It is crucial to take the opinion of professionals if you cannot fix the plumbing on your own. To prevent issues from aggravating, always hire professional plumbers. A leak in your tap might not seem like a big issue but if you don’t take proper care and resolve it correctly, it might end up costing you more than it should.